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This is a great way to learn something new and earn CEU credits while we are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Click the links below to begin! Feel Free to share!


In partnership with AEC Daily, Amba Products is proud to offer   a convenient distance learning CEU (Continuing Education   Unit)  opportunity “Towel Warmers/Heated Towel Racks:  Versatility in Design and Function” .Considered to be a viable alternative to traditional, classroom style education, AEC Daily’s Online Learning Center is a practical and affordable way for procuring ongoing, state-of-the-art, and up-to-date continuing education. You can download our course 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Since the course then resides in your desktop or laptop computer, you can participate in the learning experience at the convenience of your home, office, or while on the road.

This course is offered free of charge online

Heated Towel Racks: Way More Than Just a Towel Warmer

AMBA In Person or Via Zoom CEU

This course discusses the importance of a dry bathroom and how heated towel racks play an integral role in maintaining order in the bathroom. It discusses the emergence of heated towel racks not only as an accessory to warm and dry damp towels, but also as an added sense of healthy comfort and luxury. This course explores heated towel racks and includes discussions on the functions, benefits and applications and how it will affect the occupants health, safety and wellness. The course continues to showcase the different heating methods and cover design centric information like materials and finishes, design aesthetics and its safety measures.

This course is offered free of charge In person, or via Zoom.


Provides an overview of different types of heat bathing: sauna, infrared, and steam, with a focus on how to both select a product and implement heat bathing in residential and commercial projects.  

This course is offered free of charge online only.


In the last couple of decades, American design in many industries have caught up with those from around the world. This pivotal moment has created a cascading domino effect on the cabinet hardware manufacturing industry. This course will discuss how good design and external influences have evolved and affected cabinet hardware to better suit the lifestyles and needs of today. We will dive into product development and look at how researching current and future trends from various categories can be applied to creatively and strategically design cabinet hardware. This course focuses on the importance of strong design thinking and its implementation. Participants will learn about the basics of cabinet hardware design and installation, and learn how to recognize the potential opportunities that await in their next project. This course will cover a number of architectural styles and reveal the overall impact that cabinet hardware can make on the finishing touches of a well-intentioned space.

This course is offered free of charge in person or virtual via Zoom



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This course focuses on how the bath and bathtub should be incorporated into more design specs. This CEU will also cover several strategies when designing the bath area and how these improvements will quantify the home. Finally, we will cover the intangible aspects of these improvements such as their influence on health, lifestyle and wellness.     

This course is offered free of charge in person or virtual via Zoom.


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Learn what it takes to manufacture a high end American Made faucet! Virtually visit the factory and learn about the stages of the manufacturing process. Click here for a PDF of the CEU Flyer. 

This course is offered free of charge in person or virtual via Zoom.