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GlassCrafter's Installation Process

 Custom doors order process:


1.       Customer gets quoted from sales associates in the showroom with rough estimate cost of shower door. This can be priced from binder with price books or Quick Quote form submitted to GlassCrafters. Email all quote requests to


2.      Showroom Sales Person fills out and forwards the Request for Measure Sheet to Glasscrafters and/or Direct to Installer.  

Ø  Installer will call homeowner to arrange the measure within 48 hours and set measurement time, usually within 2-3 days. 

Ø  Measure is $100. This cost gets deducted from the total installation cost when door is installed.

Ø  Customer to pay Installer direct (for measure and install).


3.       Once measured, our Installer sends his information to Glasscrafters to confirm quoted price is accurate.


4.       Glasscrafters will confirm and email back to Installer and Sales Person who then need to sign off on details and pricing with their customer. Usually 24 hours from receipt of measure.

Ø  Customer is responsible for sign off on glass style, frame /hinge finish, endure shield, low iron glass, etc.

Ø   Installer is responsible for sign off on measurement accuracy – confirmed upon receipt.


5.       Once sign off is sent in with a PO from Sales Person to Glasscrafter's, the product is produced and will ship within 2 weeks.

Ø  Doors get delivered to installer. 

Ø  Installer calls customer to set up an install date       with customer, depending on customer’s needs and schedule.


All of the above can vary if special situations occur. We work with our customers to work within their schedules and needs and to accommodate where we can!

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